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SAGA Commodities:


SAGA Commodities is a commodity broker with ten years of experience under its belt at the service of European industrials who have been engaged in green economy initiatives. Our various business lines were all established in accordance with the development of the needs of our clients, resulting in a philosophy of bringing the upmost priority to your needs. We began with carbon trading, and then added new areas of competence, such as the production and delivery of biomass for combustion installations and MDF producers, modernization projects involving metal trading, and cross commodity with power trading.

Below is a graph with EUA’s closing prices – the reference price for all companies interested in carbon emission trading.

Regarding your potential interest in other commodities, we also trade in the categories of biomass, power and metal. Those prices we prefer to give as separate, individual quotes depending on your geographic location and on the specifications of the desired product.

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EUA Dec-18
Closing Prices