Power Commodity

Power trading came to us as the next organic step in our business development because of the interdependence between our two main commodities – carbon allowances and the power market. 

Our key partners are utility companies whose main activity involves the production and the sale of power; and for which they need to purchase carbon allowances.

The idea of cross-commodity products, including power and other energy commodities, holds value and meaning to our clients; and we have thus put an emphasis on developing intelligent business solutions in that particular direction. 

SAGA Commodities holds a license for power trading in Bulgaria since 2016.

The list of delivered licenses can be found here: Power License SAGA

SAGA Commodities is also a member of the Bulgarian power exchange IBEX (www.ibex.bg)

The company operates for its own account and on behalf of the client’s interests on the local market; as well as cross-border transactions with neighboring countries.