SAGA Commodities

Saga commodities AD is a commodity broker with several business lines at the service of European industrials.
We are very involved into the production of biomass and export to neighboring countries – its development rose organically as we wanted to expand our ongoing business with industrial clients by directly supplying them with biomass for their production. After only three years in operation, we are proud to offer the services of our local production facilities and the network of long term clients that we have developed abroad.
Our other business line is physical metal trading – follows the same concept of accompanying industrial clients in the upgrade of their production supply process. This activity is rapidly developing, and we are planning to expand it geographically outside of the Balkans.
We hold a license for power trading and we are very active on the local wholesale market as well as on cross border opportunities.
Saga commodities has launched a new line of physical trading with commodities for the food industry.
Our company used to be a leader on the Balkans and Central Europe for emissions trading but since MIFID II entered into force in Bulgaria in February 2018 and the EUAs became a financial instrument we ceased this activity which went outside the scope of a commodity trader with the obligation to be a licensed investment company.